Six Ways to Stay 6

Just so happen to be in NY and see Kinky Boots the same night as Grant.
Just so happen to be in NY and see Kinky Boots the same night as Grant.

As I begin my twenties I have started seeing my life through a different light. In my first month of my twentieth year, I have done many things that I did not think that I would accomplish at such a young age. I am living in DC, visited New York, held an internship, rode a cab alone, eaten Ethiopian food and given life advice to a 15-year-old. Six things I would have assumed would happen at least six years  down the road.

When I look back at previous years I begin to think reluctantly to the future. Why? Because I am scared that I have already peaked. Not in college. Definitely not in high school. But back to the age when I was six. I am not saying that later in life I won’t be happy or successful. Cause I will be. All I am saying is that there is a 6-year-old stuck in my large body. Thus, I give to you my six ways on staying 6.

  1. He was my passenger for my first solo drive to Stillwater.
    He was my passenger for my first solo drive to Stillwater.

    Hold on to your childhood. Whether you have a blankie, a bear or a Bop It!, hold on to it for as long as you can. Every night before I go to sleep I grab my teddy bear and I say “B.B. I love you.” I know he can’t respond to me. I am not crazy. But I do know that my brown bear thinks it. He loves me. I have taken him more places than my toothbrush.

  2. Go see a matinee of a G rated movie. Animated movies are the fastest ticket to childhood. Over the years, Pixar has given us some of the greatest movies of all time including Toy Story, The Incredibles, Finding Nemo and Monsters Inc. to name a few. So take a day off and go hang out with your old buds Sulley and Mike Wazowski.
  3. Play that game you used to play. For me, it was Pokemon Red on  Gameboy. For others it was barbie dress up. Or something weird like that. Whatever it was, go back and try it out. See if you are still interested in it. Did you know there is over 650 Pokemon now? Probably not, old person.
  4. Eat until you throw up. Literally. When I was a kid, my vice was cookie dough. Whenever Laurie (my mother) would make her homemade (not homemade) cookies I would sneak as much cookie dough as I could until one time when I legitimately threw up. Go find that something that you loved as a kid and eat it until you physically vomit all over the place. You won’t feel good about yourself, but you will definitely feel like you’re a 6-year-old child again.
  5. The insanely adorable Lexmagex.
    The insanely adorable Lexmagex.

    Indulge your imagination. Fill your bathtub. Use bubbles. Pretend it is the ocean and that your rubber duckie is a tanker. If you do not have a bathtub, put on a swimsuit, go purchase a kid pool from Walmart and do it in your backyard.

  6. Wear a cape. Just do it. Tell me there is a better joy in life and I will punch you in the face.

Now go off and be a kid. Don’t grow up. Stay young. Live life through the eyes of the 6-year-old version of yourself.

2 thoughts on “Six Ways to Stay 6

  1. This is amazing. Every post is so great. I’m so glad I stumbled upon your blog. Keep up the great work!

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