Free Time: Guide to Joy

The stresses if college making you frown like my attractive friend Renee? Let's fix it!
The stresses if college making you frown like my attractive friend Renee? Let’s fix it!

College is once again in full swing. Mostly everyone has settled back into their hectic schedules of late night binge studying and Taco Bell. The freshmen are beginning to look less oblivious to campus norms, but are suddenly realizing that time management is more complicated than Miley Cyrus. The classes that were once impossible have been successfully dropped, allowing for time to participate in a club or sleep. The gym is starting to look like an increasingly unforeseeable lost desert that you have no intention of ever wandering into. Although there are all of these stresses throughout the week, there are those bright shining moments of free time that are as enjoyable as a molten lava cake at Sonic.

There is nothing I can do about all of the hardships of a college student. But I can advise you on how to better spend your short amount of free time. This guide to joy may be directed toward college students, but is definitely recommended for people of all ages.

  • Play. I know for me it is an instinct to take every drop of free time that I have and throw it into catching up on my shows. But put down the HuluPlus and go play. And ideal moment of play time would include some friends who are pretty willing to act-a-fool and who have an imagination the size of Diana Nyad’s endurance. You guessed it right. People who will let you indulge your fantasy of being a rock star and join your air band group for a jam session (now hiring lead guitarist and bass).
  • Cook. Try out a new recipe. Preferably something that has a lot of cream cheese and butter in it. Recipes are usually meant for two to four people so make a fun dinner for your girlfriend/boyfriend, your roommates or a dentist. Hell, make it for yourself and eat the whole thing. We have all done it multiple times.
  • Themes. If you are throwing a dinner party or just going to a party down the street, it is time to show some spunk by adding your own theme. I am not advising you to attend more themed events. I am pleading you to choose a theme for yourself and dazzle yourself and others by showing up where ever you are in a full blown karate outfit — green belt and all. Nothing is more exhilarating than knowing you do not have to put fancy or tight things on your body. Instead, you can rock that spirit animal shirt that is one to three sizes to big.
  • Cruise. Grab some buddies, hop in a car, put on Summer Hits of the 2000s and let the good memories roll right with you. As “Yeah,” by Usher fills your ears throw your hands in the air — unless you are the navigator of the vehicle. Sing loud and drown out the astronomy test that you just know is going to be the end of you. When people start to sing along with you at stoplights, then you know you are doing it correctly.
  • Read. My blog. Or other things I guess.

“It’s what you do in your free time that will set you free—or enslave you.
” — Jarod Kintz

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