When I Grow Up

I knew from a young age, that I was born to lead a life of crime fighting.
I knew from a young age, that I was born to lead a life of crime fighting.

Returning home is constant reminder that I have almost no idea on where I see myself in the future. Anytime I run into my parent’s friends they ask me the same two questions. How is school going? Obviously, wonderful.  Go Pokes. Or what do you want to do after college? This question is more stressful than trying to fit everything on one plate at a Chinese buffet. I usually respond with something along the lines of “something better than whatever you are doing, hag.” Jokes. But even after I have been asked this question so often, I am still never prepared. Because of this I have decided to formulate a list of all the things I would like to do when I grow up.

Pokémon Trainer. Many people can relate to childhood memories of spending an insane amount of time and money trying to fill custom binders with Pokemon cards or trying to decide if you wanted to purchase the red or blue Gameboy game — because they were obviously so different. But that was never enough for me. I dreamed of being Ash Ketchum. Of capturing my own first Pokémon. I saw myself gathering all of the badges and traveling through caves with my best friend, Pikachu. This was the first profession that thought I could truly excel at and still believe today would be a good fit for me.

Beyoncé. I am a woman so I want to be everything that encompasses and embodies the essence of Beyoncé Knowles. I am a very big advocate of everyone being themselves, but if I was half of the woman that Queen B is than I would be an angel, a star and a wonderful human being. I want to have the presence like her when she walks on stage. I want to change the lives of many people just with the sound of my voice and the moves of my hips.

Superhero. Anyone who knows me knows that more than anything in this entire world I want to be a superhero. I want a cape. I want to fly. I want to save the world. And more importantly I want a super rad name and back story. Some haters continue to think that I am ridiculous for believing that it is possible, but if there is one thing that my parents taught me growing up is that I can do anything I set my mind too.

Happy. I do not know what I want I want my profession to be when I am older. I do not know if I want to be a mother, or if I want to get married. I do not know which city or which country I want to reside in. I do not plan things ahead in my life. The farthest I’ve gotten is daydreaming about traveling to Ireland and rescuing a dog. All I know is that I want to live a happy life doing something that makes me and other people happy.

So to everyone who does not have their future planned out,  do not worry. We have time to figure out what we want to do. Focus on right now and live the life you want to live, even if that means holding on to your childhood fantasies.

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