Twenty Things to Do in Your 20s

Many of the most transitional phases of someone’s life takes place during their twenties. You could possibly be graduating from college, deciding whether you want to stay in additional schooling for some years, in the process of getting a job, spending some time traveling, starting a family, trying to create a serum to become a superhero etc. But with all of these important decisions it is also important to focus on your relationships, hobbies and most importantly yourself.

Throughout the different stages of your twenties — whether it be the first time you can legally drink or you have just had twin baby girls —  it is time to cross some things off of your bucket list. Here are some ideas for twenty-somethings to accomplish when there is time to set aside school, a job or family and live it up.

  1. Create your list. Before you can accomplish all of your goals, you are going to need to know what they are first.  Know your limits, but be ready to push them. We are about to embark on a journey, so put on your big girl/boy pants, pack a water bottle full of muscle milk and start crossing some things off.
  2. Do something crazy. I know it is cliche to have skydiving on a bucket list, but might as well. Do something that is  physically and mentally challenging for you (e.g. skydiving, rock climbing, swimming in the ocean, running a mile, eating an entire cake) and maybe in the long run it will have a significant effect on you spiritually.
  3. Visit your childhood destination spot and experience it when you can legally drink. Places such as Disneyworld, Atlantis or a family lake house would be fun to revisit. Or if you have a more refined taste for entertainment travel down to Branson, Miss., and enjoy a magic show and Silver Dollar City.
  4. Build a piece of furniture. Only try this if you think you can handle a table saw without losing a finger or an arm.
  5. Create something for the public eye. Enter some poetry into a local contest, paint a still life of some fruit and display it at your university, choreograph a dance and post it on Facebook, or create a video of all of the good times of your friends and send it to them. Whatever motivates you to be creative, make something for other people to see.
  6. Study abroad or travel. If financially you can afford studying in a different country take advantage of that. If you cannot fit it into your budget travel to a city within 5 hours of you and explore what makes that city unique. Branson is only 4 hours and 18 minutes away from Stillwater. 5 hours 2 minutes from Norman. And only 3 hours 15 minutes from the beautiful city of Tulsa. So if anyone wants to go to Branson some time let me know.
  7. Make friends with different beliefs. Surround yourself with people who do not always agree with your opinions. You need people to challenge you and continue to make you question and define your beliefs. If you are a democrat in Oklahoma, you might not need any more friends with different beliefs. Just sayin’.
  8. Read a book from cover to cover that you would never initially consider reading. If you are really into Word War II nonfiction novels, then try out a sci-fi thriller. If you end up hating it, at least you tried something new and learned a little bit from Stephen King about being trapped under a dome.
  9. Treat your parents. After everything your parents have done for you, it is time to repay them somehow. If you just got your first job and have some extra money and do not know what to spend it on how about show some gratitude to your parents. You might think you need the latest Playstation 4, but don’t you think it would be more satisfying to take your parents on a cruise? Don’t abandon the idea of the PS4 though… it is supposed to be amazing.
  10. Have a girls/boys weekend. Go crazy. Have a no judgment weekend with people you know will let your freak flag fly.
  11. Be involved in your local politics. Know what is happening in the mayoral elections, check to see what public meetings you can attend and try one out, attend an SGA meeting or just keep up with your local newspaper.
  12. Learn something new about yourself. Do this by eating at a buffet alone. Do you still get three plates? Or do you feel uncomfortable about eating alone too much that you will pass on the stuffed crab pastry things. I recommend a Chinese buffet. Generally, there is slim to no judgment from anyone when you are there.
  13. Get a caricature of yourself. Have a stranger on a street point out all of your physical flaws and laugh at it when it is done. Realize that your biggest flaws make for the best cartoon.
  14. Spend one entire day without leaving your bedroom (unless you need to use the restroom or getting food). Although I have already crossed this off many times in my life, it is time to for an all day marathon of Game of Thrones, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Friends or whatever your favorite show is. Take your mind off of all of the things that are stressing you out and slip away into the journey of the Khaleesi.
  15. Make your home, dorm or bedroom exactly how you want it to be. Put up a Star Trek poster, have strobe lights in your kitchen, create a lava lamp centerpiece, do anything that makes your living space more unique and more inviting and exciting for you.
  16. Go through your Facebook photos and untag the pictures where it looks like you have had a rough night. As we all know, we live in an era where we are very public about our social lives. That means it is time to take down the picture of you holding up a middle finger and a bottle of cheap vodka. But save them to your computer so you can remember how much you used to suck.
  17. Karaoke. Go sing some Pussycat Dolls. There is nothing more appealing than singing “Buttons” to a group of strangers.
  18. Do a random act of screaming. When you are in a crowded public atmosphere stop what you are doing and yell something unusual. Make sure someone is recording you and then please send it to me.
  19. Express your love. Stop and tell everyone important in your life that you appreciate them. It will not take that long (because you probably don’t have many friends) and it will make the people around you happy.
  20. Be happy. Enjoy the little things and choose to be happy.

Grab a pen and paper and start crossing things off!

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