A Very Un-Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a time to give thanks to the people around you who have made your life more enjoyable. A time to reflect on how much you love and appreciate your family for all of the selfless things they do for you. Maybe even send out your love to your friends via Snapchat (disgusting double chin selfie). But what people do not regularly talk about is all of the others things they are thankful for. So, I present with you everything I am really thankful for.

  • I am thankful for my bed. Although it may not be the comfiest of all beds, I would like to give Henry a special shout out for making my naps as heavenly as could be. Without him, I do not know if I could have survived midterms or every day life.
  • I am thankful for karaoke. Thank you for giving me an outlet where I can feel like a star and still have the voice of a dying llama. Also, sorry to everyone who has witnessed me behind a microphone.
  • I am thankful for time away from my friends. I love all of my friends. They are wonderful people. But just like oatmeal chocolate chip cookie dough, if you consume too much of it you will throw up and eventually hate yourself and your favorite dessert.
  • I am thankful for the abundance of fresh food at my parents house. Although it is wonderful to eat ramen noodles three times a week and fried chicken every other day, sometimes I can feel my organs shutting down. But, when my body did not reject a carrot, I knew that I was going to live and that all my insides needed were a nice vegetable or two. Probably one though. Only one.
  • I am thankful for HuluPlus, HBO Go and Netflix. At any time I feel lonely, bored or unimportant, I know I can rely on my three boyfriends to make me feel like the mother of dragons, part of a fairy tale or like I am in a lady prison (in a good way?)
  • I am thankful for Oklahoma State beating Baylor. And by beating, I mean clobbering. Go Pokes. Bring it on Sooners.

Whatever you are thankful for, remember that you can still express your love to inanimate objects. Go spend time with a turkey and some mashed potatoes and eat as much as you possibly can. Thanksgiving is time for stretchy sweatpants and long naps. Oh, and I guess your family too.

My roommates and I wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving.

Peace, Love and Food.

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