The Stages of Singledom

The stigma that being single reflects poorly on an individual is dead. We live in an era where it is not only acceptable, but somewhat praised to be a single adult. There are very few things that I truly excel at, but after twenty years of being single I would like to consider myself an expert. Being a third year college student I have been able to witness all of the ins and outs of people in relationships; whether they are seriously dating a lady/gent, just started a new fling with a beau, taking in any strays off the street or simply living the glorious single life. I’ve seen it all. And with the knowledge of all of the these men and women, my favorite people to be affiliated with — and be around — are single.

I do not want to dismay people in relationships, nor do I think less of them, but I would like to shed some light on the wondrous adventures each stage of singledom has to offer.

Stage 1 – Acceptance

Everyone at some point in their life is single. It happens more often than not for most people in their teens and young adult life. Do not be ashamed. Freedom is your new relationship. You can do anything your heart desires. There are no boundaries to the places you can go or people you can see. You live life on your own time. And that time is boundless fun.

Stage 2 – Support

Now that you appreciate your FB status, it is time to experiment with it. Being single is not fun if you do not have people to celebrate with you. Text your closest friends and tell them you need a girls/boys night. It is time to go out on the town and make a damn fool of yourself. Sounds like a good time to mix a gangster themed night with some late night karaoke. Then go home and eat a whole pie. Swimsuit season is almost over and you won’t have to worry about anyone checking out your spare tire.

Stage 3 – Make or Break

You’ve tested the waters and have ruined your liver for the time-being. Now it is time to decide if this is the lifestyle that you truly want. Do you enjoy the uncomplicated sensation of being free? Yes. Or do you want to be chained down? No. Right now is the time to decide if you want to put yourself on the market or sign the lease to fun.

Stage 4 – Rinse and Repeat

If you have successfully made the correct decision, then it is time for some more fun. Take stage 1 and 2 and combine them. With this spunky, exciting combination you will be able to enjoy the freedom of finding yourself while partaking in some interesting evenings. There is nothing holding you back to do what ever your wildest imagination can create. Put on your wings and fly, because the possibilities are endless.

I might be the only person who buys flowers for myself, but I always get the ones I want.
I might be the only person who buys me flowers, but I always get the ones I want.

Do not be discouraged young single ladies and gentlemen. It is our time to be celebrate our lives and take in all of the exciting opportunities that we can experience. Stop worrying about finding your future spouse. Stop trying to fit to a mold encouraging you to have every moment of your life planned out. Simply be fun, wild and free.

Throughout my singledom I have become accustom to doing many things solo, I have grown to enjoy my own company more than others and most importantly I learned how to watch a sunset alone and it feel completely normal. If you think that is depressing then you can suck it. I love myself and I love being single. So join me if you may where the grass is greener and the air is less polluted with bullshit.

Our youth is short-lived so do all the things you can imagine — no strings attached.