Summertime Sadness to Happiness

Everyone looks better in the summer.
Everyone looks better in the summer.

The end of summer is the equivalent to the beginning of a run. I am always caught by surprise when it’s upon me, believe it is a myth until it is actually happening, immediately regretting the lack of preparation and just wanting to go back to my couch, food and television. Thank god they both happen only once a year. Or never for the run.

While summer winds down, I am slowly realizing that I did not get to do all of the fun things I would have liked to have done. But it is not too late. With only two weeks left before having to return to the booming city of Stillwater, Okla., I vow to accomplish some goals. And I ask you to join me. Yes, you. Who and where ever you are.

  1. Spend a whole day watching a series of a show. Go make yourself breakfast, lunch and dinner because once the pilot episode starts you are in it for the long haul. While you are making your meals don’t forget to make your three snacks, dessert, fourth meal, big mac and fifth meal. That’s a normal food intake right? If you cannot think of a show to watch I recommend The Newsroom. It will change your life.
  2. Take a mini-cation. Take a quick trip with a buddy or two and drive an hour to the next city over. Bust out the sunflower seeds and the songs that you love to listen to, but pretend you’ve never heard. If you are close to the Tulsa area then head on over this weekend and attend the Center of the Universe Festival. It’s free. And I will be there.
  3. Try something new. Like anything. Take twerk lessons. Try baking an ornament. Eat crayons. Build a house. Dye your skin blue. Punch a cat. Steal an elderly women’s shoe. She will laugh later in life. Depending on how much life she has left. Actually don’t do that. I recently tried getting bitten by fire ants. Not very fun. I didn’t know they actually existed until I went to hell (Texas).
  4. Hang out with your best friend. Let’s be honest. We all have one best friend. Mine is beautiful, funny and perfect. She gets me. Probably because she is me. So get away for an hour or ten and just hang out with yourself. You might come to realize that you are cooler than you thought. You probably aren’t, but it is worth a try.

However you decide to finish this summer season just have as much fun as you possibly can. Experience your life every moment you can.

Indulge your fantasies. Leave your city. Try new. Reintroduce yourself to you. Be free.